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We've all been meaning to get better at something. Better Every Time is your quiet companion to help you make that journey. Start today, being better is within your reach.

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Spend time in life, not an app

This is a quiet space: no graphs, no chatty social networks. Just you and your goal. Check-in to immediately see how far you’ve come, and then get back out there.

Revisit, reflect, see you how you change

Better Every Time’s magic comes from reflecting back your progress in a unique and satisfying way. Each journey fuels the next with deeper self-understanding and proof of your change.

Robot Factory Boogaloo Theme

Track your journey through a sci-fi robot factory. A whole new environment with original art & animation.

Multiple Journeys

Track up to three goals at the same time.

How Does It Work?

When we’re trying to change ourselves, every step counts in the head and the heart. So we made an app that works that way.

  • Set a goal: baking bread, exercising, making music. Anything you want to improve on, even if you’ll never be perfect.
  • Your goal becomes a journey. Every time you work at it, you’ll take a step. After 21 steps you’ll see progress. Bite off chunks of long journeys and you’ll see how much you’ve improved.
  • When progress becomes visible, it fuels more progress. Better Every Time is a mirror on changes that happen slowly, but surely.

What People Say About Better

  • "I'm a new iPhone user, and discovered this app while just looking around in the app store one day. I was a bit skeptical about it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it seemed like kind of a neat idea. Having used it for a while now I can report that I'm really glad I found it. It is elegantly simple. It couldn't be easier to use. It's rather beautiful visually. There's really nothing mysterious at all about it. And, it's helping me by keeping me focused, and helping me keep a record as I make some subtle changes in my life. In a loud, often jarring world, this app is a little haven of serenity. Good job!"

    Usually Pretty Frazzled

  • "I've tried many different habit apps, but found them to be a chore rather than beneficial. THIS app is perfect for me. For me, focusing on one this is great [...] Great work. Beautiful app."

    Lilo Anela

  • "Thank you!!! With the recent update, I was able to go back and complete my original journey! I really appreciate great developers who actively listen to users. You guys RULE! Their beautiful, simple design has helped me literally climb the mountain. In less than 40 days, I have reduced my 3K time by 6 minutes! They make progress a reward and their creation has made my life better. I just started my next journey, on to the 10K!"


  • "It's a beautiful app. I like how it is not simply based on numbers but a quest. I have a very bad habit and I have just begun to use this app. This is the only one that has encouraged me to stop doing my bad habit because I am eager to know what is at the end of this quest. Thank you for making this app."


  • "Great app! Def my favorite of all productivity apps, amazing concept and very original! [..] I own soooo many habits app and have tried everything in the App Store and this is the best one yet [..] Thank you"


  • "Not every application is this well made for one simple task, nor do most apps get it this right. This app has it's priorities right."

    Nathan Josh

  • "I'm rating five stars just for the description, as I DO think of things in a mythical way"


  • "As an avid hiker, this app really puts my goals into perspective! It's visual, helpful and I feel like my goals are unfolding quicker and faster! Awesome app, highly recommend it!"


  • "Helped me do my morning run straight for 21 days! Thanks guys!"


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  • Jon Yurechko


    A dreamlike mountain landscape. Work your way up the mountain by making progress.

  • Tyler Dale

    Robot Factory Boogaloo

    Track your journey through a sci-fi robot factory. A whole new environment with original art & animation.

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